Saturday, September 4, 2010

Hash Browns

I made these for breakfast this morning, I felt like a little something different and I had never made them before.  They went down really fast.  My boys said they were like the real thing you buy in a restaurant, except for the really brown ones, they were a little too crunchy.  These might be just the thing for a Fathers Day breakfast.  Enjoy!!

Hash browns

                                       6 large unpeeled potatoes washed and grated
                                       1 egg lightly beaten
                                       2 tbs plain flour
                                       Salt and pepper to season
                                       Grape seed oil for frying in

Preheat oven to 120°C/248°F, and line a baking tray with paper towel ready to put the hash browns on when cooked.  Turn stove onto medium-high heat with oil in the pan to a depth of 2 cms or so.

While the oil is heating up, grate the potatoes into a sieve or colander to allow the moisture to drain.  Squeeze the grated potatoes to get out as much moisture as you can.  

Transfer potatoes to a large bowl, beat the egg, add to potatoes and mix.  Sprinkle the flour lightly over the potatoes, add salt and pepper, mix until combined.

To test the oil just drop a little potato mix into the heated oil.  It should brown up pretty quickly if the oil is ready.  Don't have the oil too hot, but just enough to lightly brown the hash browns.  Grab a small handful of potato, shape it in your hand, place into the oil and flatten with a spatula so it will cook evenly.  Depending on your pan size, cook about 5 at a time.  When the edges start to brown check to see if it's ready to flip over.  You want them to be a golden brown on both sides.  Top up oil in pan if necessary.  Keep cooked hash browns on the lined tray in the oven.  Repeat until all of the potato mix is finished.

Serve with a little fruit, some bacon or eggs.  You can even add some sweet potato or onion to the potato mix for a little variation.

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sirpa said...

Mmm...mmmm. I LOVE hash browns! Last mother's day I wanted these for breakkie and Teemu made them to me using this recipe. So Thank you Lisha for being part of my mother's day :) I'll want these again for all my mother's days :)